Since my childhood I have backpacked alone across the world, my camera around my neck, looking for unusual images often filled with a certain nostalgia.


I have traveled the world as well, looking for inspirational things to capture, to share in a few thousandths of a second, my view of the world.


I was born in Bordeaux in 1981, and I was imbued with magical lights of Cap Ferret.


Passionate about pictures since forever, I started photography in 1994 at the Lycée Autogéré of Paris, where I had to my passion and transform it into school ....


In 2008, 14 years later, after taking a few short cuts, I finally took the leap. In 2010, armed with my single camera a back pack and a ticket to Buenos Aires. I wanted to experience traveling with a different dynamic:


Live my passion, improve my techniques such as the use of natural light that I always want to sustain in a photo.


Sometimes I was able to reconcile men of their image, waiting just long enough before capturing the picture that makes their mouthes drop.


I like the outdated and elusive moods that naturally bring a melancholic dimension to photos, as if time had stopped.


On the road, I adapt to people, places and situations that present themselves. I take the time to observe, explore, learn, discover and my camera is always alert to track down and fix the perfect scene. 


I am looking to establish a small summary of the history of my subjects. I return to a place discovered during a family outing. I devise ideas for new or unusual environments, I try to show a fair dose of humor ... My sessions are not watching the clock, and each of them is based on a unique concept & accessorized. I make it my goal to try to capture the spark of each person, and feel a sense of pride when I witness the smile of my subjects when they finally see the image I show them.


I have no taboo area, I'd rather concentrate on a wedding, a family celebration or an evening making only culinary photos. I will try to find and restore the irresistible expression that springs from the eyes of your lovely kids. But I'm also interested in a packshot, the indoor / outdoor architecture, street art ...


I prefer the light of a sunrise or late afternoon to excessive natural light because it brings depth and perspective to the subject photographed. 


What I like: walking the city streets at night, beaches of my beautiful Cap Ferret, getting lost in the Swiss mountains, wondering the shores of Lake Geneva, exploring new destinations, having dinner with my friends,  eating oysters barefoot in the fishing villages of Les Jacquets...


What I love ...: reach to share these beautiful moments with the magic of photography …



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